Digital Selling: CilckBank and JVzoo

Welcome to Digital Selling!

Digital Selling OnlineWhile digital products exist solely on computers, they can still be sold for real money and selling them can be extremely profitable. In fact many people build entire businesses that sell nothing but digitally downloadable products. They come in many forms including eBooks, images, software, music and more.

One of the biggest advantages of selling digital products is that you don’t have manufacturing or distribution costs. There is very little overhead except for maybe online hosting and the cost of marketing it. The best part is that once you’ve created a digital product you can sell it over and over again for virtually unlimited profits!

Most popular digital marketplaces online are: ClickBank and JVzoo.

These are both considered affiliate marketplaces which makes them perfect for selling your own digital products online, because not only do people go to these sites to buy products, they also go to these sites to find products to promote on their own websites. Which has the potential to expose your product to a much wider audience was very little extra effort on your part.


This massive site was established 1998 and is one of the most trusted and recognized affiliate marketplaces on the Internet. They constantly striving to improve the way people buy and sell digital products online. They work very hard to ensure that all of their vendors and affiliates maintain a certain level of professionalism and behave ethically during all consumer transactions.

When you list a product with ClickBank to sell they will actually check your sales page to ensure it complies with FTC rules and their guidelines, so they can weed out any on ethical marketers and eliminate “get rich quick” schemes, and efforts to ensure or a high standard of customer service.

There is a listing fee for any merchant (you) that wishes to sell through their marketplace. There are also transaction fees and commission payments that you will be responsible for. On top of that, of course there is your affiliates commission (you determine the percentage) but the better the commission the more likely it will be promoted. Currently the maximum you can pay an affiliate is 75% of the sale price.

You can get more details about the listing fees here:

One of the main reasons that vendors and affiliates prefer ClickBank is because they handle all of the transactions. The upside for the vendor is they don’t have to worry about writing out checks and sending out commissions. The upside for the affiliate is they don’t have to worry about getting paid because their commissions are guaranteed.

Another big benefit is that consumers feel safe purchasing from the ClickBank marketplace because it is on a secure server and they also require that all vendors provide a “no questions asked” 60 day money back guarantee for customers.

Here is a quick video and a few more details that will help you decide whether or not ClickBank is the right place to sell your digital products:


JVzoo is still fairly new, but it has grown tremendously in popularity since it opened its doors in 2011. Unlike ClickBank, the seller is immediately paid into their PayPal accounts as soon as a transaction is complete. Currently this platform only works with PayPal, if you can’t use PayPal you won’t be able to use JV Zoo.

JVzoo provides many built in features that make Digital Selling products fast and easy, including:

An instant affiliate program that makes it easy for you to instantly start recruiting affiliates to promote your products for you. It also allows you to offer your affiliates instant or delayed payments and manage refunds.

JV profit sharing that allows you to instantly pay up to 3 joint venture partners for each transaction, making it possible to join forces with other business owners and not have to worry about splitting the profits.

Instant dime sale technology that lets you set up offers that increase automatically at intervals that you set, which creates urgency and encourages customers to act quickly!

They also provide instant page generators, with digital delivery and protection for your products that make it possible to host and sell digital products without a website. They can even deliver your products instantly for a seamless customer experience.

To see a complete list of features go here:

While JVzoo does not require a setup fee like ClickBank, and their fees are comparable, it is important to keep in mind that you will be paying fees to both JVzoo and PayPal when you use them to process orders.

To find out more about fees and other terms of service visit:

When it comes to selling digital products online every platform has its pros and cons. It’s important to do your research and understand exactly how the platform you’re planning to use works as well as all of the fees and costs associated with using them.

I also wanted to share this article I found that describes the various types of digital products that can be sold online there may be a few here you haven’t thought of:


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