eJunkie and Digiresults Digital Selling Platforms

Sell Digital Online


eJunkie is a great place to sell digital products especially when you’re just starting out because it has a very low startup cost which is a flat monthly subscription fee of $5 per month to last up to 10 products. As your product line grows the price does increase nominally but it is still extremely affordable allowing you to list up to 100 products for under $20.

The beauty of eJunkie is that it has a built in affiliate program, but unlike ClickBank, it is not a huge army of affiliates. This is due mainly to the affiliate program putting the product creator in charge of things like payment and refunds. Therefore, if you list your digital products on eJunkie you may need to recruit your own affiliates (or joint venture partners) yourself to get some sales coming in.

Besides the significantly lower fees for product creators, another big benefit of eJunkie is that they pay you immediately after each transaction directly into your PayPal account.

Like JVzoo you control how and when your affiliates are paid. If you don’t know an affiliate personally, you may decide to hang onto their commission until you are sure their customers won’t claim a refund, otherwise you may be out of pocket.

Another benefit of eJunkie is their advanced security on downloads. It’s not uncommon for people to share download links, thereby lowering the product value. eJunkie normally allows 5 downloads per purchase, and it has to be from the same IP address where the purchase was made. This gives product creators more assurance that their digital products aren’t being shared around the internet.

To find out more about what he junkie has to offer you can visit their features page here: http://www.e-junkie.com/ej/features.htm


The benefits associated with using Digiresults to sell digital products online include lower fees, safer downloads, more control over your products and instant payment with PayPal. They offer vendors lower fees than ClickBank, and you can integrate your sales campaign with Clickbank and PayDotCom.

Another other big benefit is they can sell your digital products and as your business grows you can also offer your customers your physical product all from one place.

It’s free to get started, they have no sign up fees, small transaction fees and offer vendors complete control over their products. They also handle all of the back office transactions like paying affiliates and issuing refunds.

You get paid immediately after your customer has completed their transaction and commissions are sent directly to your affiliates. You don’t need a merchant account to start selling and they offer easy integration with Kunaki.com which gives you the ability to turn your digital product into a physical product and then have it shipped directly to your customer.

To take a good look at everything that has to offer check out: http://www.digiresults.com/vendors


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