How To Place An Ad On eBay

There are now a few options to place an ad on eBay.

1. Direct onto their website by selecting “Sell” (instructions below)
2. Via your professional eBay Listing Management company (eg. Auctiva)

In order to make a listing on eBay, you simply go to the menu on the top right hand side of any page on eBay and click on “Sell” and the window below will show up when you choose “Sell an item”.

How to Place an Ad on eBay

In the above window, simply type the basic word that describes what you are going to sell on eBay (eg. eBook) and it will then respond with “Books on Disc”. Simply select this category by clicking on the box next to “Books on Disc” and then select “Continue”.

How to Place an Ad on eBay

Don’t forget you can list your item on more than one category, but you will have to pay for extra categories. If you have an audio book then it would be worthwhile considering advertising that book on “Books on Disk” and “Audio Books”.

How to Place an Ad on eBay

Now your listing page will open up, ready for you to fill in.

Keep your title clear, and full of potential “keyword search words” like new, eBook, Disc, etc. Use as many words as possible, even slang words if it’s relevant to your keyword search (eg. Weight Loss, Diet, Low-Fat, Healthy living etc).

Subtitles will not be worth the $2.00 extra charge, so leave that blank.

Select the condition of your item (which should be Brand New), then you need to make sure your “pictures” of your item makes it relevant to the item, and topic, and looks professional.

The best size for your images are not too important as eBay will resize and compress your images to fit the ad. However, the ideal formatting recommended by eBay for your images is:

  • 1600 pixels on the longest side for the best result. The minimum your photos can be without losing quality is 500 pixels on the longest side.
  • You can upload pictures in the following file formats (listed in order of what will give you the best results):

o   JPEG (.jpg file extension)

o   PNG (.png file extension)

o   TIFF (.tif file extension)

o   BMP (.bmp file extension)


How To Place An Ad On eBay

Once you are ready, you should upload your photos – up to 12 pictures are for free.



After completing the above choices, simply finish adding your business information like location, postage options and returns information.

On the second page of the listing template you will be required you have entered all the correct information.  If you are happy with your listing you can list it immediately.