Digital Selling Udemy

Selling Digital Content : Udemy and MindBites

Digital Selling Udemy


Udemy is still fairly new, but since its launch in 2010 it has gained a solid reputation for being one of the leading online training marketplaces for video training content. The majority of courses are presented in a series of sequential video lessons that are required to complete the entire course.

Udemy is well known for its ease of creating and uploading video course content. You can upload video, documents and graphics as required in order to teach your course and they are all hosted by Udemy at no cost.

Customers come into Udemy and search keywords of a course they want to learn. They then select a course from the course options, they pay the course fee, and then they can stream the course (or download the videos) any time from then on from their Udemy account.

Their settings are saved in their Udemy profile account so they can come and go as much as they please. There is also a space for “chatting” to the teacher who can answer questions posted by students, which all other students can read too.

The benefit of Udemy over other video marketplaces like Mindbites is that it doesn’t cost anything to list your online video course, it is free to upload and host one of your video courses. However, if someone buys your course, then Udemy will keep percentage of the sale price. If you drive that traffic to your course, you earn more money. Affiliates can also sell Udemy courses for a commission.

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MindBites is also a digital training marketplace where you can upload video courses for consumers to buy and watch on the Mindbites website. You can also embed and sell them directly from your own website or blog.

The main difference with Mindbites from Udemy is that you have to pay to have your course online for people to buy and view (whereas Udemy is free to upload and host your courses). Mindbites has different size accounts depending on the size of your videos, the smaller your online course data, the cheaper it is to host them on Mindbites.

The “free” account with Mindbites will hold up to 250MB of data and any sales made on your account pays Mindbites 35% in commission when a sale is made. But there are larger accounts with more features, and less commission is payable to Mindbites for a higher paid plan.

The video player has a “promo” video size that people can watch which is intended to make the viewer want to purchase the full video at your pre-determined price and like Udemy, Mindbites has an affiliate program that encourages others to sell your video course for you.

You can also upload other documents with your video course for the buyer to receive when they buy your video. You can also put your collection of videos into a “series” to sell as a set. So a customer could just buy one video to do one task, or a collection of videos to learn a whole new skill-set.

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Of course there are many more options available like,, and just to name a few. The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best platform to offer your digital products on, is to take plenty of time to do your research.